Age: 31
Height: 2.2m
Weight: 180kg
Known Languages: Basic, Barabel
Character points: 5
Force Points:1
Credits: 2000
Wounds: 15/30/45/60

Dexterity 4D

Bows: 4D
Dancing: 4D
Dodge: 6D
Firearms: 6D
Heavy weapons: 4D
Melee: 5D
Pick Pocket: 4D
Running: 4D
Thrown Weapons: 4D

Knowledge 1D

Alien Species: 1D
Bureaucracy: 1D
Business: 1D
Cultures: 1D
Languages: 1D
Law Enforcement: 1D
Planetary Systems: 1D
Scholar: 1D
Streetwise: 1D
Survival: 2D+1
Tactics: 1D
Value: 1D
Willpower: 1D

Mechanical 1D

Astrogation: 1D
Beast Riding: 1D
Communications: 1D
Ground Vehicle Operation: 1D
Musical Instrument: 1D
Power Suit Operation: 1D
Repulsor Lift Operation: 1D
Sensors: 1D
Starship Gunnery: 1D
Starship Piloting: 1D

Peception 4D+2

Bargain: 4D+2
Command: 4D+2
Con: 4D+2
Forgery: 4D+2
Gambling: 4D+2
Hide: 5D
Investigation: 4D+2
Persuasion: 4D+2
Search: 4D+2
Sneak: 5D (6D, 7D >35m)
Verbal Intimidation: 4D+2

Strength 5D

Brawling: 5D
Climbing/Jumping: 5D
Intimidation: 5D
Lifting: 5D
Stamina: 5D
Swimming: 5D

Technical: 2D+1

Armor Repair: 2D+1
Blaster Repair: 2D+1
Computer Program/Repair: 2D+1
Demolitions: 2D+1
Droid Programming/Repair: 2D+1
First Aid: 2D+1
Musical Instrument Repair: 2D+1
Repulsorlift Repair: 2D+1
Security: 2D+1
Starship Repair: 2D+1
Starship Weapon Repair: 2D+1
Vehicle Repair: 2D+1


-Merr-Sonn LD-1 Sniper
Damage: 5D Fire Control: 1D+2 Ammo: 100 Range: 2-50/150/500
Bayonet: Damage: STR+1D Difficulty: Easy

-N’gant-Zarvel 9118
Damage: 5D+1 Ammo: 100 Range: 3-25/50/200
Bayonet: Damage: STR+1D Difficulty: Easy

-BlasTech DT-12
Damage: 5D+1 Ammo: 25 Range: 2-5/20/35

Damage: 3D+2 Ammo: 75 Range: 3-10/40/60
This weapon has an improved silencer which buffers both the sound and the flash of a blast, adding +2D to the difficulty to notice a shot has been fired.

Damage: STR+3D+1 (maximum: 7D) Difficulty: Moderate


Special Abilities:

Natural Body Armor: Gives the Barabel +2D against physical attacks and +1D against energy attacks.

Radiation Resistance: Barabels have natural resistance to most forms of radiation. They receive a +2D when defending against the effects of radiation

Vision: Barabels can see in the infrared spectrum, allowing them to see in complete darkness provided that there are heat sources.

Story Factors:

Jedi Respect: Barabels have a deep respect for Jedi Knights, though they have little ability in the Force. They almost always yield to the commands of a Jedi Knight.

Reputation: Barabels have a reputation as fierce warriors and great hunters. They are often feared, and always given a wide berth except by the most fierce individuals.


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